Monday, September 16, 2013

You Have One Job

CSU_RAMS It’s football season. I care about the Patriots, and of course the BSU Bears, but neither of those teams are in particular need of my mojo. Marshfield, on the other hand, is developing a track record, and it’s not a good one. I’m not talking about their season ending stats or record. I’m talking about the only game that matters. And I’m fed up with losing to Duxbury.

CSU-Rams Your coaches, your teachers, your parents, the cheerleaders, the guy at the counter at Jackanson’s—they are all going to be telling you to win games. Ignore them. Win them if you can, but you only have ONE JOB. You are to focus on ONE JOB.  Your entire life is to become a tunnel, and the only light you ever have hope of feeling on your face again is waiting for you on the gridiron, THANKSGIVING DAY. You are to care about nothing—not college, homework, girls, boys, world peace, childhood hunger, or Sara MacLachlan’s dying puppies—YOU ARE A BEATING THE DAMNED DRAGONS MACHINE AND YOU ARE STUCK IN FOURTH GEAR UNTIL THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING.


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