Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beaded Ribbon Toggles

PURPLEGREENTOGGLE Just in time for Christmas Craft Fair season I’ve slapped together a fun project to do while watching tv and use up the spools of craft ribbon I have tucked into baskets everywhere. 

These are super simple: just pretty ribbon that is studded with beads or freshwater pearls, crystals, whatnot. I bead them, embellish the edges, and then back them with felt. They are finished with toggle clasps so they go on easily and stay fast.

RibbonToggle What I love about them is that they DON’T spin around because of the felt; they weigh nearly nothing, so they are super comfy; and they dress up jeans, but also work with a pretty little dress.  I will be selling them for $5 and $8 (simple beads for $5, wider tapestry ribbons with pearls or pricier embellishment for $8). Great stocking stuffer, or a nice gift for the teacher.  Look for me at craft fairs and on Etsy, where some of these will be soon! 

Green Harbor Shiny on Etsy

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