Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coming Soon – Bead Embroidered Starfish!

StarFishLG So I’d been thinking about doing them for a while, but the genuine, dried starfish*, bead embroidered necklace has finally been born, and was as cool as I envisioned. Unfortunately, I made three, kept one to wear, and sold the other two almost instantly because of the one I’ve been wearing.

Fortunately, I can make more. I have a half dozen more starfish to bead, and will be getting more soon.  I plan to upload a few onto my Etsy shop, and will be selling both the starfish and shell necklaces (possibly large sand dollars, too) at both the online shop and some craft fairs this winter.

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest, particularly those who have purchased my work!

Visit Green Harbor Shiny for all of my beady creatures:


*NO starfish were harmed in the creation of my necklaces. They were already dead. I just gave them a pretty afterlife.

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