Sunday, June 30, 2013

Corvania Updates and Possible Changes


I’m cross posting this from the Sceptics’ Tank because it obviously has a lot to do with me.  I want to add an apology for being late with the reminder about renewal!

Possible changes may come to those in the Corvania Chronicles RPG community. Obviously change is being requested, but I am a firm believer that growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell, and that change can sometimes be a bad thing.

That having been said, please take a look a the Tank post, and if you are a Corvania gamer, put your two cents worth in.


For those curious (or just nosy), the fees are not insubstantial. Members pay $250 for a year; $125 for a half year. At this time, all members are playing the full year, but many pay on January 1 and June 30 for a number of reasons, including the possibility of dropping out without losing the money if the need arises. All those fees are paid to me. Only a small amount goes toward operating costs/hosting, since the Tank is the primary sponsor, but that small amount (5%) covers the freebies, email accounts, and cetera. 20% of the revenue is paid to the Game Master, who works hard and does not participate in play. 

Thanks to everyone for forgiving my lateness. I DO feel bad that so many people want in and can’t get in, but keeping the game small is why it stays awesome.

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