Monday, August 10, 2009

On Sabbatical

Last week knocked the Mickey right out of me. I admit it. I had appointments in ten directions, was barely recovered from the week-long IVIG crap, and then had a charity luncheon I was dreading. Turns out the luncheon, while fraught with ugly behavior from some, was actually the lead-in to a rather lovely dinner with good friends.

But I'm still completely bushed. So this week I am taking a medically-recommended and Ahmedically-demanded sabbatical. I'm not fighting it, either. I'm embracing it. Not running off to Maine. Not heading to Cambridge, either. I'm parking my ass in Green Harbor with my netbook and writing, sleeping, writing some more, sleeping, and possibly writing... or sleeping.

I'll be dodging the internet as much as possible so that I waste as little time as possible. I'll miss my pals from the interwebs. Probably take a few cheat-peeks. But I'll mostly be writing and sleeping.

See ya!

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