Friday, August 07, 2009

Luncheon from HELL, Dinner from Heaven

Some of my friends-- on and off the net-- may recall that I had a luncheon today. I was dreading it, because a woman Ahmed dated before me was going to be there, and she tends to go out of her way to be hateful. Which I don't mind as much as you'd think. But to be fair, she is quite pretty. Full figured, like me, but with gloriously rich chocolate skin and long, lovely hair she wears in corn rows. I don't feel threatened in the sense that I worry he'd desire her over me. I just hate standing in the same room, knowing it's human nature for people to make the comparison.

I had my makeup done, got a really nice knit skirt set, and a new pair of adorable peacock blue pointy-toed flats to match it. Ahmed chased me with his cell phone, and the little film strip of sucky-face shots on the sidebar resulted.

She was an absolute cow. Snarky, nasty, petty. But I ignored it and flirted shamelessly with my baby, who is absolutely the best man alive. Why would someone so obviously capable of attracting a man act that way over one who no longer wanted her? It confused me. And to be honest, when Ahmed said to our friend John, "that's why I slept with her a few times and never wanted to see her again," I felt a pang of sympathy for her. Then I overheard something she said and changed my mind.

I actually wasn't aware how many people were "my" crowd. We all started having such a nice time we went out for dinner after scarfing all the stuffed mushrooms, which were the only thing worth scarfing. They had blue cheese in them; I'm totally stealing that idea.

But Abe and Louie's afterward was freaking amazing. LOL I think that was the best ribeye I've ever had, and we laughed from 5 to 7... non-stop!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds absolutely wonderful. Except for the ol cow, not the ribeye!

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