Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dear Borders... It's Over, but We'll Always Have Kingston

Dear Borders,

Yes, it's over. We have had a long and luscious affair, and I will never forget you. But we will always have Kingston, you know.

I'd say it was me, not you... but it was freaking YOU.

First, Barnes and Noble now as FREE wifi. Not pay as I go. Not "if you subscribe to the following." Free. They also charge for their discount program, true. But I get that discount every damned time. And they may send me coupons, but not as frequently as you do.

There's the problem. See it? Look up a line. It's right there. See, I no longer have a printer hooked up to any of my multiple computers because printer ink is damaging to the environment, and while using paper does encourage the planting of trees, it's still smarter to reduce anything that is going to be used once and destroyed. And the scanner code takes up an inch of one full page. And you are using the information stored on my Borders card to send me the coupon, so why not just attach it to the card that you have on file, will ask to scan at the register, and badgered me to get to begin with?

No? Cool. But we can't be together anymore. You don't have a Starbucks. You didn't have Mel Francis' Bite Me until over a week after the book was on shelves at BN. You are mean to trees. And I am starting to feel manipulated.

I'm sure you'll find another chubby cheapskate to lurk in your cafe. She won't be as cool as me, but then... is anyone?

Remember me fondly? Or don't.


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Anonymous said...

I have a few more issues with Borders, but I worked there so their rampaging stupidity doesn't shock me.

Still? B&N? They're the Borg and you have been assimilated.

Taneasha said...
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps I just don't get the lure of the bookstore. Don't get me wrong, I love books. But Amazon is soooooo much cheaper than either BN or Borders. Sure, I don't have a Starbucks in my house, but I have one nearby, and my couch is much more comfy than anything BN has to offer. So, although I would have to agree that BN is (IMO) the lesser of the two evils, I still choose option 3. Amazon.

Chrissy said...

Amazon is, unfortunately, manipulating the market with proprietary technology and has recently been caught sneaking into client's e-readers without permission.

No thanks.

BN can be a corporate giant. Making money is not a sin. Failing to suck up to a power buyer like ME? That's a sin. Plus dumb.

And they now let me download ebooks, so yay.

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