Friday, April 03, 2009

It Never Fails

Iswear I looked good for most of the NEC conference. I mean it. I packed heavy, took lots of clothes to change in and out of for emergencies, and even discovered you can, in fact, get creases out of your slacks with a Conair mini flat-iron. It's not just for jaunty curls and smooth tresses!

But were any of my respectable outfits caught on camera? No. No, that would be... oh, I dunno... fair?

So somebody tell me. Who's the fat frat boy with the cute chicks?

Thanks to Mima for the photo. Yeah. Thanks.

Shut up. It was raining.

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Sandra Barkevich said...

ROFL! You do NOT look like a frat boy, Chrissy. And I had the most wonderful time hanging with all the Divas. I sooo can't wait to do it again! I'm totally down for the Maine Writer's Retreat. Just let me know when and for how long!

Sandy :)

Mima said...

OK, that was Sandy's photo, lovingly taken by Bria, and you do NOT look anything other than happy and adorable. I, however, am fascinated by my inappropriate halo...

Leigh Royals said...

I have tears of happiness at a diva-photo op. I'm a bit jealous. I swear I would cry for joy to meet any of y'all.

I'm sucha sap. And mima, you mean you don't deserver that halo?

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