Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I Smell

It's been a terrible week for my skin due to many forces: medical treatments, stress, the change of seasons. So last week I stopped wearing perfume (which I love) and started using honey-milk lotions by Burt's Bees and my own home-made honey products: body scrub, shea butter and honey balm, etc. So I smell like honey. It's a nice scent-- soft, powdery, and warm.

Now, one of the things I like to do for my little nephews, god-children, and friends' kids is cook. And one of the things they love most of all are a pair diabetic coma dishes. Captain Crunch Waffles and Captain Crunch French Toast. I crush the cereal to make a bread crumb base, use it outside the battered french toast, or add it into the waffle batter before pouring it into the irons. It gives an incredible, sweet, caramel-ish crunch. Plus you add crunch nuggets and honey syrup... err... and whipped cream because... well, I am trying to kill the children.

This morning I was heading for Boston to be mangled and abused by the torture artists at the PF clinic when my phone went off. I was running behind, but when my BFF Roxy calls, I answer. She's like my own EF Hutton. Sort of a BFF Hutton.

Her son, John, was home sick and wanted to borrow a computer game of mine. So I took a side trip, pulled in, ran into the house, and delivered the goods. Before I left I got a huge hug. But the best part of my day so far?

As I was leaving I heard John say to his mum "I love Chrissy. She smells like Captain Crunch waffles."

K. That was made of the warm fuzzy stuff, right there. :)

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Mel Francis said...

dude, not only do I want to eat capn crunch waffles, but now I want to smell like them.

How freaking sweet.

Sela Carsen said...

I'm hungry. Can you make me some waffles? I'll be right there. :)

Chrissy said...

It' all about the crunch, man.

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