Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Alas, The Magic Ends

I am sorry to announce that I will no longer be a Red Sox fan. Breaking up with the Fenway Boys is the hardest thing I have ever done. But recently I realized that my adoration has been misplaced.

As such, I am announcing my new dedication-- nay, my undying loyalty-- to the New York Yankees.

I know-- shocking. Yet how can any girl resist the lure of a ball club she can shop with? I anticipate many trips to the big apple to shop for cute purses, little slingbacks, and nail polish with Derek Jeeter and Jorge Posada. And Joe Girardi has promised to share makeup tips when we have our spa day!

Sorry, Red Sox. I loved you while it lasted, but I'd so much rather follow a team I can be girlie with. I know you'll understand. We'll always have Lansdowne... we'll always have The Cask N' Flagon. Oh, and April... especially April Fool's Day. :)

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Lia said...

Yeah, no one in the world would believe a Sox fan turned into a Yankee fan. We would have heard the announcement of the first ever successful brain transplant.

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