Thursday, April 03, 2008

Getting No Work Done These Days

Lately I have not been getting a bloody thing done. Thanks, Asus. Since purchasing my little Asus EEE mini pc-- which weighs in at a whopping 2 pounds and is 9 inches wide-- I can't sit down anywhere without 2 or 3 people peering over my shoulder or approaching me sheepishly.

"Excuse me?"


"What is that?"

"It's a pc."

And from there a crowd gathers, and 10 minutes later I am still trying to get my work done. Luckily the thing comes with a teenie plug that is really great for sneakily slipping into an outlet or my battery life would be seriously compromised by explanatory time.

That said... I briefly hated the first version I had of this little gem, which was Linux based and only 512MB. A quick switch over to Windows XP and upgrading to 2GB made my life a genuine joy. I LOVE THIS THING.

But I really wish they'd catch on more widely so I could stop answering questions and get something done. :)

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Gwen Hayes said... did you upgrade? I have been wondering how that works. How did you install XP (cuz there is no cd drive right)

Gwen Hayes said...

and is the keyboard about the same size as a regular keyboard...just without the number pad?

Diana Castilleja said...

Cool! Those are neat! Sorry it's getting invites to the prom than you though. LOL

Chrissy said...

Here's the deal...

It comes with two usb ports, so in order to install off a CD-rom you just plug in a usb paralell port to a CD drive. You can do it off a jump drive but the paralell is easier.

Memory: on this model, the weenie one, you have to unscrew the whole damned body and remove the keyboard to upgrade, but I did it anyway. The newer models you can remove the memory panel underneath just like a regular laptop. :)

Chrissy said...

Oh, also-- the keyboard is smaller, but only marginally smaller than a regular sized laptop. It would be tight for a guy or a woman with larger hands, but it's perfectly fine for me. :)

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