Tuesday, March 11, 2008

You're So Vain You Probly Think This Blog is About You

Perhaps it's a bit unnatural for a writer of romance to lack a great deal of vanity. We do write a great deal about beauty, at least the conventional notion of it. I prefer to look good, but honestly... I have no intention of killing myself to get there. I can clean up pretty well. But the day to day grind finds me in jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and very often a baseball cap. Love my Red Sox, after all, and when you wear your hair as short as I have in recent years it's great on bad hair days.

Lately, though, I've had more pressing challenges with regard to bad hair days. I have a conference coming up soon, one at which I will speak and be seen. My mom is in an absolute panic that I must attend this event without hair.

Chemo, Cytoxan, and life have robbed me of my dark locks for the moment. And honestly-- I don't care that much. My eyelashes and eyebrows have come back this month (ok, mostly) and my hair is just starting to come in-- soft peach fuzz. My solution is to wear a ball cap and deal. But I have that conference coming; and I had planned to put a pretty scarf around my noggin if I didn't have super-short spikes to go for the "moonlights as urban punk" look. Mom is freaking out at the very idea and wants me to get a wig.

Yeah. Cuz those things are soooo convincing. And the itch and panic that it's doing a jaunty tilt while I stand on a podium is nothing to worry about, right?

This is me, better or worse. I am what I am. Currently I am bald. The lack of hair up there doesn't seem to stop my brain from working. I guess my mind is fond of the cool air. So rather than fuss over any possible accidental reveals in my near future, I am putting it out there. If you could touch it you would discover that it feels a bit like a baby's head-- a tad coarser. The nice thing is, the stuff is like velcro. Anything you put up there sticks.

So you know... when I take notes there's a reliable place to put em, anyway. Plus it's spring. The snowdrops and crocuses are peeking out of the mud. Maybe something will grow on my noggin top if I fertilize it.

Feel free to post Jean Luc Picard jokes, and pass the Miracle Grow!

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Crystal Jordan said...

Honey, bald is hot. Have you seen Vin Diesel? Work it, honey. You're my hero. :-)

Jane E. Jones said...

I think you're amazing, you look amazing, and it's all about what YOU want. You're my hero, too:)

Janice said...

Here's the advice I gave my sister who had survied leukemia and her hair hadn't grown in yet, and she was a bridemaid at her friend's wedding.

"You have beautiful eyes. Just wear lots of eye make-up and pretty earring and go there with your head held high. And don't worry what people think."

And you don't either.

As for mom, tell her you'll wear a wig if she can find a punk one with spikes.

Ms Menozzi said...

To be honest, you look pretty cool - as in awesome - so, as Janice advised her sister, just do yourself up however you like and don't worry at all.

Besides, if you really do have the velcro thing going, you could always attach random doo-dads to your head and strut, right?

In fact, if you do that, and say to your mom "This is how I'm going to the conference. What do ya think?"
I bet she'll prefer the more streamlined look after all.

It's just a suggestion, of course. ;)


December said...

LOL - I adore your attitude.

Let us know what you decide!!

seeleydeborn said...

It's a look. Work it.

I've done it.

Whatever you do, don't do the wig.

rgraham666 said...

My 'beauty routine' consists of bathing regularly and trying to remember to go to a barbers and trimming my beard. It sometimes takes me a while to do the latter but I always succeed eventually. ;)

I think it's very cool that you are handling yourself with such aplomb.

Jenster said...

Bald is beautiful. I could never stand a wig, either, and did the ball caps and bandanas - a nice scarf if the occassion was dressier.

Your confidence is a thing of beauty, Chrissy. Hair or no hair. And if you feel better without a wig then that's what you should do.

I'm preaching to the choir, aren't I?

Dana Belfry said...

Jean Luc Picard is my big geek crush, always has been. I just want to curl up against him like a cat while he reads me Shakespeare aloud. *sigh*

Wah? Oh, right. Hair!

Don't do the wig if it makes you uncomfortable. You have beautiful eyes, a fabulous smile and you're smarter then all of the rest of us put together (and I'm really damn smart so that's saying a lot. LOL).

The people you're speaking to will be crowding the room to hear your wisdom, not to worry about your hair or lack-thereof.

I say do whatever makes you feel the best. There is nothing, not a damn thing, wrong with being bald.

Gwen Hayes said...

If you do a wig....do a huge ass fro just to shut your mother up for good.

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