Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Pre-Spring Sabbatical

For the next week or two I will be on sabbatical. My health has been a nightmare lately. Another quickie cancer wrestling match, the ongoing PF saga, hair loss, eyebrow camouflage, long vomit sessions, chemo, hypoxemia, heart damage... what's the muddy season for if not personal torture? Normally I face such things with a stoic and stiff upper lip, but damn... I am tired.

I try very hard to be a glass-half-full person. Growing up with many half-empty people around me, it felt like the appropriate way to readjust my path in life. When they zig, you zag, you know? Only recently I've realized that there are a lot of people existing outside the duality of half-full and half-empty. And they wear me out, these people.

The glass, for them, is neither empty nor full. The glass is broken-thank-you-after-all-the-time-and-energy-taken-to-scrub-the-jam-label-off-and-it-was-a-FAVORITE-glass-after-all-and-it's-YOUR-fault-and-this-is-why-we-can't-have-nice-things.

As Ahmed would say, bloody buggery damn.

And so, gentle readers, what with all the mud outside and my lungs being a bit bitchy, I am needing a break from the world of glasses and their many states of fullness, and mostly from those who have opinions about said states. The universe is peopled with good souls, but they are wading through a swamp of dangerous muck. I'm on a temporary muck break. I simply adore how physicians scold me to tell me I "overdo" and should rest more.

Fine. Initiating REST SEQUENCE. Fill your own glasses for a bit, hmm?

See you when the snowdrops emerge.

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gwenny said...

Really. You need to move.

Diana Castilleja said...

Hugs hon... Not much I can say but we're here if you need it. There's always tons of advice, sage and otherwise that can be given, but I get the feeling you've heard it all already.

Just take care of yourself. You're the only one who can do it the best way.

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