Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Boooooooooooooo- Ringggggggg!

I'm all for a change now and again but let's face it... when you're an addict you can only allow for so much flexibility. And I'm an addict. In fact, I'm an addict several times over and may, in fact, be captain of the addiction team for the next Olympics. It's close. Ahmed is trying to sweat me out and Maria Alvarez is putting in a pretty impressive dark-horse showing.

But anyway...

Romance Diva's forum is down. This is problematic for me on several levels.

1. I can't dork around reading messages to waste time, avoiding the things I am not in the mood to do.

B. I can't check messages from fellow Divas.

Third. I can't send an IM to my secret santa telling her how incredibly cool the little gift she sent was. (Neato book and cooking set thingie for Max... so tres coolio!!)

Last. I can't get advice, give advice, and share the daily grind of writing with women who are smart, talented, funny, experienced, willing to share, willing to laugh with_not_at my own struggle. I can't connect to a few hundred best-friends-ever I've never, technically, met... but whom I love.

Is there a rehab clinic anywhere close by? Cuz dude... this would be like if they closed Starbucks. S'rsly. :-(

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Gwen Hayes said...

Darling...come join us here.

We miss you too. I was even asking about you.

(and update Max's blog too, please)

Shari said...

I miss being able to pick which RD posts I read - the Yahoo digests are just too much! I can't keep up. He he he - an RD rehab. We'd never leave! LOL

AJ Chase said...

Dude, I was having some problems getting through that too. And the new boards are freaking me out. But at least it's better than that hideous Yahoo.

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