Thursday, December 06, 2007

Out of the Nostrils of Babes...

I was blowing my nose yesterday when I was approached by my 3 year old nephew.

Munchkin: Is you sick, Chrissy?

Me: Nope, just keeping the inside of my nose clean. I just needed to blow. (Wiping with tissue.)

Munchkin: I use my finger.

Me: Yes, I know, and you shouldn't.

Munchkin: Cuzwhy?

Me: It's disgusting. You get boogies on your hand and then touch stuff and you spread germs. (I blow again, wipe again.)

Munchkin: Yeah (shoulder shrug, finger planted knuckle-deep, walking away), but my way's quicker.

Kinda hard to argue with that. Pardon me while I boil... pretty much everything and liberally spray Lysol.

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Diana Castilleja said...

Ugh! He has a point.. but yeah, I'm with you on the boiling everything. *sigh*

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