Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Separated at Birth?

During a recent ebay expedition I played one of my usual games and typed my last name into the search engine. Believe it or not this has rendered some pretty neat collectibles for me over the years. I always find a few copies of John Updike's Olinger Stories and page upon page of rookie cards for Jon Olinger, a football player with the good taste to spell his name correctly (like my baby brother). Once in a while, however, I find a gem. I've obtained old documents relating to my great-uncle Bob Olinger (nemesis of Billy the Kidd, who would eventually kill him with a shotgun full of coins in an infamous escape). This week I stumbled on a baseball card featuring an Olinger named Marilyn who was a shortstop in the All American Girls League, the women's' baseball league featured in A League of Their Own

Since the discovery several have insisted she looks like me. Depending on the angle, I suppose she sorta' does. You be the judge.

Separated at birth?

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Marcus Unrealius said...

Freaking. Me. Out.

Do you have a picture with you in a ball cap? How could you not, you are always wearing one! You should put that up.

So freaky, Shorty!

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

Definite similarities. That is wild. And very cool. Your facial structure and cheekbones are practically identical.
Better than what I got in the Clinton years {Everyone swore I was Chelsea's doppleganger-you know-when she was frizzy headed and awkward? LMAO}
Anyway, very cool.

Anonymous said...

You find baseball cards that look like you and you know what I find that looks like me? That DANCING BABY cartoon......LOL

You be the judge: http://www.megababy.com/


I'm told I dance JUST LIKE THE BABY lol

Anonymous said...

As an Olinger I particularly love the geneaology stories. (along with all of your stories). I knew about Bob and have found many pictures, but was fascinated to learn about Marilyn. I know have to do some research. Thanks Dan Olinger

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