Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Protect Your Work

Recently several friends on both the Absolute Write Forums, Clan Destiny, and Romance Divas found their creative work stolen, republished without permission, or offered for free on a mass-download site. Sometimes we, as writers, upload free work for promotional or other reasons, and want our readers to have access to the information. Sometimes we don't.

There are some helpful tips and tricks for writers in these instances. While certainly not foolproof, these snippets of code make it very hard for most surfers to steal your data. One code disables right-click on webpages. The other code disables the clip board, which stops visitors to your site from copying and pasting, AND from using the print screen command. Only after the browser they are using has been shut down and restarted will the clipboard be re-enabled, and it will re-activate upon return.

Since I use both scripts on my sites, I am offering this snippet of code on its own page. To find these instructions,


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Amanda Brice said...

Great post, Chrissy. It's important to take steps to protect yourelf from infringement.

But if infringement does occur, contact the administrator of the website that's hosting it and make a DMCA Notice and Takedown demand.

Anonymous said...

What? I have to delete all my stolen PDFs of all these books?




I agree, infringement is easier than ever in this modern age of downloading and such. It's important to protect your assets and livelihood as a professional writer.

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