Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thanks for the Ego Boost, Kid

Having recently spent 60 bucks on the complete Olay Regenerist line for the hopelessly baggy-eyed and aging, I was a bit disconcerted by my nephew this morning. I picked him up at pre-school as usual. We were gathering his things when he dropped the bomb. Tipping over so he could peek up under my baseball cap, he said "you don't look good. Have you had your coffee?"

He will be 4 in a month or so.

It's not so much that a 4 year old knows me well enough to tell I haven't had coffee yet and am not, technically, a member of the human race until after Starbucks. The other parents got a big kick out of the comment. I can laugh at myself. It's just that... well I spent 60 bucks on the goop! Surely for that amount even a kid could see some improvement?

Probably not. Plus, kids at this age repeat things and sound older and more savvy than they are, right? Right... that's it. He was repeating something. It has nothing to do with the massive bags under my eyes. I'll just go with that.

Out of the mouths of babes come harsh, harsh truths.

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Anonymous said...

My niece is a bit more direct, at the age of four she stood next to me and rubbed her hands on my head puzzled......then suddenly blurted out......."there's no hair up there"


Eva Gale said...

You, you beautiful thing, have been tagged.

Hey, I thought you looked great in Ahmed's picts, or maybe it was the, "I'm going to kill you now." look.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness men learn to grow out of that kind of honesty.

Well, most do. Two weeks after I started using undereye cream my husband peered closely at me and asked, "What's in that stuff? Filling putty?"

Chrissy said...

LOL at least I'm not alone!

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