Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Waterhouse Web Themes

John William Waterhouse is my favorite artist. He has become rather trendy-- his Lady of Shallott (in the boat) and Miranda are rather well recognized. But I became enamoured with him while at Oxford, ages ago, when I saw a visiting exhibit of some of his less popular work. It was love at first sight. (Sorry, Aji.)

Inevitable, then, that I do a series of templates for WebSong using his work as inspiration. (The paintings are now public domain, of course, but I credit him.) I will be doing more, and doing matching blog skins soon.

Visit WebSong to download them. Previews below. Note that the "block of color" table that is visible is a color code for your use in editing, and meant to be deleted.

Ariadne Reclining

Half Sick of Shadows

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Karen said...

Those look beautiful! Great design work.

Bella Tyler said...

Beautiful websets, Chrissy. Hope you recovering quickly :)

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