Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Mysterious Diva Thing

Man, things can get jumbled, fumbled, and grumbled up FAST online! A while ago I made a public announcement about changes in my life and a need to take a break. Unfortunately, I had JUST recovered from a moderate stroke and some bad reactions to medication, and didn't do it with grace or clarity.

Around this same time I deleted the list of Diva Blogs on my own blog, ready to update the list with the new (always growing and changing) list. I had the list copied, but it needed to be edited to fit my blog (font, size, format, etc).

Not long after THAT I snuck back online to poke around on my computer, finding my typing dismally slow and my eyes weirdly unfocused. But I tinkered with things I could do with my mouse in order to stretch and work the weak (right) hand.

Well holy hell. Apparently somebody either misquoted me, or I was an idiot and expressed myself poorly... but the result was people were under the impression I'd left Romance Divas because I was unhappy or upset with somebody or something.

Read my lips:

I hope nobody's feelings were hurt over the confusion. I know my wonderful Romance News staff has had a very hard time of it this past month and a half. I also know I've driven Ahmed nuts. Everyone else who is ready to kill me should feel free to stick pins into this me-voodoo-doll:

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