Saturday, July 01, 2006

Alura Plus

Big people have trouble finding clothing, as I am sure we all know. Imagine my absolute gushing joy at finding a well kept secret right here on the internet. When I was at my sickest with cancer, and in the struggle with PF since, clothing that could be purchased large and worn if I lost or gained weight was and has been a necessity. Not that many designers make attractive clothing of that ilk.

Enter my salvation...

Alura-Plus came into my life some years ago, and has remained a steadfast source of idiot-proof shopping. I own half a dozen of her gorgeous Batik tunics. The fabric is mouth-watering, the designs long, loose, and very hip. You can not begin to imagine how comfortable these tops are. And I get queries and compliments wherever I go.

Visit the store on ebay here:

If the gorgeous fashions aren't enough reason to buy, the owner is an absolutely lovely woman. So get over there... go on... what are you waiting for?

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