Friday, June 30, 2006

Java Blue

For quite some time now I have been a Vera Bradley fanatic. I resisted. My mom and many friends were swearing by her years ago and I snorted in derision at their silly loyalty to a woman who made pocketbooks out of pretty quilted fabrics. But then I found one, particular pattern I loved (Chocolat) and gave her a try. I am now a devoted compulsive buyer.

Next month she's coming out with some new patterns, but my current scheme is Java Blue. The background "wallpaper" you see on my blog template was taken from the Java Blue swatches and altered into graphics by me. (She gets credit at the bottom of the page, of course.) It is, for me, the perfect palette for my life.

It's my favorite of all time, in fact, and a recent inventory proved a bit distressing. I own the following in Vera Bradley Java Blue:

  • Hobo Bag

  • Betsy Bag

  • Check Book Cover

  • Laptop Case

  • Umbrella

  • Makeup Bag

  • Wallet

  • Crusher Beach Hat

  • Baseball Cap

  • Rolling Luggage

  • I'm considering buying several more pocketbooks to keep in reserve. It takes a long time to wear them out, but I'm very dedicated.

    And now I have a blog in Java Blue. Using Paint Shop Pro is good for my hands, since they are still locking up from the mild stroke I had. I'm determined to force my body back to its slightly hyper-kinetic version of "normal."

    You know... Vera is making rugs, housewares, and interior decorating stuff these days. I wonder how pissed off Ahmed would be if I did the renovations in Maine in Java Blue?

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