Monday, July 17, 2006

Cassidy Careswell, RIP 1965-2006

Last night aspiring romance naughty girl and part time dominatrix Cassidy Careswell shuffled off her mortal coil (and one leather merry widow) when she died of sudden heart failure during what witnesses described as "a very intense session of affectionate interplay."

The Dark Lady was removed by coroners, who used WD-40 to loosen several of the furry handcuffs binding Mistress Careswell to other... err... participants. No funeral date has been set. The Rolov R Andaye Funeral home is currently working with a local body shop to remove the grin from the departed's face. Donations may be made to me in lieu of flowers in the form of Godiva Chocolates, books, cameos, diamonds, and/or shoes. Cash is also acceptable.

Rest in the arms of well-oiled, leather-chap-clad angels, dear friend.

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