Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Blog Facelift

here is nothing on earth worse than trying too hard and missing the mark. I guess that has been my problem with the template for this blog.

Not to worry. A friend dropped me an email and said "I love your home page and everything else you have done EXCEPT for that blog! It's ugly, and it doesn't look like 'you' at all."

Gee, Ellie... tell me how you really feel, girl!

But she was right, and I have been struggling to create a template that feels more like who I am. I hope she, and you, like this one, because it won't be changing. This is me, where I work, and how I am. I am a camera-shy, beach-bum writer.

Thanks Ellie. As busy as I am this month I think you were correct-- it wasn't me. Now it is!

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