Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Alphasmart Has Arrived!

Well I finally scored an Alphasmart 3000 on ebay for a good price, and it arrived today. I was in the city for medical treatments with Ahmed, so I didn't see it until late this evening. Walked in from the rain and there it was, in a crappy old box recycled by the seller. It was so light I thought it was a gross of boxes I'd purchased for jewelry.

It's love, guys. Love at first type. Don't expect to see much of me in the coming weeks because I'm drifting in the euphoria of passion's birth. We have so much to learn, so many things to teach one another.

Must go... Alphie calls. He's so cute, who can resist?

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Haven Rich said...

Is that kinda like a Dana? I want one of those. I really want one now after I lost everything on my pc AGAIN. I've heard such great things about Dana's soooo I'm hoping I can talk my hubby into buying me one...soon.

Enjoy your new love hehe.
Haven Rich

Eva Gale said...

Tell me how you love it in a week. I want one but have been holding off.

I need to know if the shine wears off the penny, but everyone else seems to love them too.

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