Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Alphasmart Update

A few people expressed interest in my Alphasmart experience.

I love it. I've been sick for the past week or two and have been house-bound, so this little guy has been a godsend.


  • 700 hours of life, so I don't even worry.

  • So lightweight I can take it anywhere.

  • Quiet!

  • No crashes, no viruses, no screen freeze.

  • MUCH more durable than a laptop.

  • I'm FORCED to write, not goof off, since that's all I can do with it.

  • On. Off. That's it. No Save. No Save As. No constant Cntrl S.

  • Love that it has many files so I can bang away on more than one project, and can even give Ahmed (or my mum, or one of the kids) a file of his/her/their own.

  • Negatives:

  • The keys are a tad stiff. Would love a softer "click."

  • Not wildly ergonomic, but neither is my laptop.

  • I wish the on/off key had a safety.

  • I wish the screen was backlit, brighter, and possible bigger if it could be accomplished without compromising the size and weight.

  • Strangers have frequently interrupted me when I was working in public to ask "what the hell is that?" I didn't mind, but I think that could get old.

  • Since all I have is the 3000, it's possible the Neo and/or Dana have addressed these issues.

    Go forth and ebay this baby!

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