Monday, October 21, 2013

IP Tracer Shout Out

300px-Tmux_scrot2 I am cross posting this to save time. ALL Ops on Corvania and Sceptics’ Tank are being asked to run an IRC ip tracer script.  I have sent a text file to everyone, and it is available in our private archives.

Copy and paste into REMOTES if you want the shortcut.

I’m also apologizing in advance to anyone who was inconvenienced over the past week by relatives from East ButtBone Virginia. I really LOVE that my people had the absolute, perfect, best response ever to our stalker. I love you all. :)

unnamed The benefit of the code I have sent out – even though Minnesota Fathead can’t join private channels, the stringer IP trace pops on the attempt, as well as popping on join in public channels.

Thanks, everyone!!

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