Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Neiman Marcus Does These Wrong

cookiesThere is an urban legend about a Neiman Marcus cookie recipe that was charged at $250 bucks to a card holder. Turned out it was a typical internet fib… but the cookie recipe was real.  I tried theirs, hated it (they blend/powderize the oats and do other things I disliked).  But I have been making a similar, chewier cookie /bar forever. Mine’s better. :p

I don’t have theirs committed to memory, but we live at sea level and often ditch baking soda and/or powder to get chewier cookies or brownies. I use oats right out of the circular cardboard silo with the Quaker dude who looks like Barbara Bush on the side. I also use light brown sugar rather than dark.  I know there are other differences, but these stick out in my memory. 

Oatmeal Shredded Chocolate Chewy Cookies*

2        sticks butter
1 c.     sugar
1 c.     light brown sugar
2         eggs
1 t.     vanilla extract
2 c.     Quaker oats
2 c.     all-purpose flour
pinch     sea salt
1          Large Hershey bar, shredded (use a grater, freeze to keep from melting)
1/2 c.     chopped pecans

Blend the eggs and cold butter—don’t over-beat. A slushy mess is good. Add vanilla.  Add both sugars, blend well. Combine oats, flour, salt, and pecans; add slowly, blending the batter til smooth. Grate your Hershey bar (keep it chilled to make shredding easier). Add shredded chocolate and blend.

Bake spoon-dropped cookies 8-10 minutes @ 375 on non-stick sheet or line with parchment.  You can also put into a greased and floured brownie pan and make bars-- cook til center is soft (will dent to finger-touch) but solid.

Pig out with cold milk.

*ANY individual caught putting raisins into these cookies will be drawn and quartered.

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