Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is that a banana on your blog, or…


… am I just happy to see you?

So. I just ate a banana. It was perfect. I like them, as pictured, freckled but without blemishes or black spots. JUST this side of too ripe. I like when I peel that banana and get no resistance what-so-ever from the stem as it yields to my cracking, and when the peel glides away in a nice, smooth slide. I like to smell banana when I lift it for the bite of creamy, unblemished flesh.

Why do you care? Most likely you don’t.

But I got up this morning with an impulse to be whiny and depressed. I’ve not been terribly ill, though I always have challenges. I like challenges. I’ve not been set on fire, though a few hard knocks came my way this month. Hard knocks lead to challenges. I’ve not been reviled or hoisted upon any errant petards, though I have been the subject of apparent dislike from some people I thought liked me. Ok, that last one pinched. It’s very rare for me to be a sloppy judge of character, but in this instance the people are part of my life regardless of my choices, so I’m letting myself off on that one. I didn’t pick the haterz, they’re here whether I like it or not… so maybe it’s ok not everyone thinks I’m the cat’s pajamas. I can accept that.

Cats shouldn’t wear pajamas. It annoys the cats and they look silly.

springflowers But sure… having been plagued by petty annoyances that are just LIFE, I was geared up for a power sulk. Then I got up to go out with Max for our morning rounds. What, to my wondering eyes, did appear? Spring. Crocuses and daffodils in my favorite colors. Purple and white everywhere. The spring birds going mental and singing their feathery heads off. Perfect weather—dry, warm, ocean breeze setting the flowers’ heads nodding.

So ok. I am not universally adored, and Smashwords doesn’t want my recent release to have centered text without some kind of permission. My domain is stuck between two sites in transfer and nobody in customer support on either side knows why. Downloads of my genius are not enthusiastic. BUT…

It’s gorgeous out. I’m breathing, and doing it pretty well. I’m loved by the people who COUNT, and I love them back. My yard has exploded in purple, yellow, green, and white. Robins, mockingbirds, cat-jays, blue-jays, chickadees, purple finches, gold finches… little feathered legions are flitting about madly in preparation for spring. Where do I get off thinking a sulk is in order?

Plus? I just had an AWESOME banana.

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