Saturday, March 17, 2012

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Heart of Gold!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and meet Finn Mór.  He’s available today for just 99 cents!

He was born a leprechaun prince, but he had no interest in his clan's throne. All he ever wanted to be was BIG. By the sacred laws of the leprechaun clans, any of the wee folk who can keep every last coin in their pot for two hundred years earns that very boon... or is it a curse? Two hundred years have finally passed and Finn's wish is granted. No longer immortal, he still keeps his magic as long as he keeps his gold.

But fate has other plans. Salinas Brown, urged by her dead father to travel to Finn's pub and search for a mysterious black pot, has no idea what she'll find at The Tinker's Dam. She certainly never dreamed of Finn-- six and a half inches of drop dead gorgeous leprechaun.

LEPRECHAUN? Was Finn crazy? Was SHE crazy? And what secrets had her father been keeping from her all those years? She was about to find out, and neither Finn nor Sally will ever be the same.

This is a SHORT, of 13,771 words. It contains no graphic sex or violence, but does include dirty language. Leprechauns have potty mouths.

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