Tuesday, February 07, 2012

At An Amazon Bookstore Near You…


A year ago I kept talking about a touch-Kindle in color that would rival the Nook. I wasn’t just guessing. I’d read many articles about Amazon acquiring a company that created touch technology. It was a very poorly kept secret.  I have also speculated that an Amazon dedicated phone is coming.  I base this on rumors, and on the knowledge that Amazon tried very hard to acquire Blackberry’s RIM when it was in trouble.

The store is coming. Nearly everyone I mention this to scoffs or shrugs and says “maybe in five years.”  But with the recent hissy fits from BN and BAM, I’m calling it sooner.

Guess what? So are the other nerds who predict this stuff.  Thus spake the pundits:

Reuters is reporting a Seattle Store soon. CLICK HERE

MSN Money Quotes Good Ereader in a somewhat twitchy report. CLICK HERE

Tech Circle Weighs in with almost identical language (do these guys cross check?) CLICK HERE

PC World, Invoking the B word (bully), chimes in, too! CLICK HERE

Just remember who told you so.

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