Monday, April 25, 2011

Lyrics: Never Apart


Years Ago I belonged to a band called The Beach Rats.  About a month ago my band-mate, Steve, found some old lyrics crammed into a binder.  He sent them to me.

Wow.  We were definitely teenagers.

Oddly, there WERE a few gems.  This one has been running through my head this week.  Ahmed left me this morning for his week away from me in Nova Scotia.  We suffer the last week of each month apart from one another.  Somehow, this song seems to have risen from my past in angsty-youthful rhyme to perfectly sum up those feelings.

Divided But Never Apart

Mist on the harbor, sun drifting down
Missed you, this morning, roll out of town.
Reeling up pavement, sealing up fate,
Leaving me lonely, to sit here and wait.
I hope you feel it, out there in the rain
The tug on your heart-- my anchor-chain.
I hope you know it, deep in your heart
I've decided we're divided but never apart.

Rain on the windows, one more dim day
To cross off the tally you're still away.
Walking through cobwebs, talking to you
As if you're still close-- in the next room.
Biting a lip, holding a breath,
Taking that sip that burns hot as death.
Liquid bravado to shore up my heart
I've decided we're divided but never apart.

I don't know how we can keep pushing on
Through long nights in silence to clutch at a dawn
That's no brighter or lighter-- just dim, empty haze
Barely enough to illuminate days upon days
upon days... upon days

Somehow we make it another long stretch
Of long, bitter nights spent just craving your touch.
And the power of what I feel keeps me alive
In that deep, yawning empty from where you arise.
You come back, through the empty, to fill up my heart
Not divided, we've decided that we're never apart.

Lyrics by Chrissy Olinger of the formerly angsty Beach Rats

Duuuuude!  We’re SO NOT getting’ the band back togetha!

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Ben White said...

It's always fun reading back through things you wrote years ago. Most of the time you're going, "Ahahahaha oh man nobody can EVER see this" but then you sometimes stop and go, "Hmm."

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