Thursday, April 28, 2011

Accidental Research and Spy Neato-ness


I’ve been working with an amazing group of dudes over the past few weeks in my “other” job as a language forensics specialist.  I love the job, even though I now work exclusively as an independent contractor, which basically means I get a call from somebody and show up, or say “send me the file.”  It allows me freedom, but lets me do something I genuinely love.  But sometimes these assignments bring me some amazing and unexpected benefits.

As a writer, you can’t beat that.

So some very neat guys at the FBI were cool enough to thank me for a workshop by showing me one of the most awesome hidden gems in the world: THE INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM in New Haven, CT.

The what?  I know, right!?

Yup.  There is an International Spy Museum just north of the FBI Headquarters in New Haven.  My favorite thing?  It’s possibly the most ostentatiously marked and loudly displayed structure on the face of the planet.  Like… it’s the anti-cognito center of obviosity.  For realzies.  But the INSIDE is packed with incredible architecture, art, and neat interactive stuff.  The place has this incredibly bohemian vibe, but it also has a TON of information on the history of espionage.

If you get a chance, you really must check it out!  Check out the website HERE.

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