Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From the Back of a Horse


The world, as far as I can tell, is significantly better from the back of a horse.  MO-- Mosaic Dreams, but he’s really humble about his magnificence—is my favorite back from which to view the world.

Right now the snowdrops are up.  Daffodils are just starting to show gold around the cocoon shaped tops, rolled up like cigars.  Crocus will be showing soon.

Mo doesn’t care, really.  He plods along with his ears flicking forward at the birds, backward at me, forward at the wind, sideways at things I can’t hear, see, or smell.

He’s so shaggy with winter coat, even with arm-busting brushing, he looks almost roan.  I can’t wait til his gorgeous rusty coat comes clear and his blanket and blaze pop white.  We make a flashy pair.

Spring is coming!  It may be dragging its feet, but so are Mo and me just now.  Winter wore us down.  But we’re crawling up through the mud… and we’ll unfurl soon enough!

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Anonymous said...

I agree Chrissy - the world does look significantly better from that height. I miss being able to ride every day, and I miss seeing my Spring bulbs begin to grow and bloom.

Hope your world continues to blossom.


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