Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Deathly Hallows… SPOILERS

harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows-part-i-movie-poster-1020540382These spoilers are not huge, but if you are touchy about knowing too much ahead-of-time, stop reading.  I’ve gotten a bit of advanced sneaky peaky info and extended images before the release of DEATHLY HALLOWS PART I.  How I’m going to wait is beyond me.

I’ll start with a plea—please, parents, do NOT over-estimate your child’s maturity level.  This movie is not for little ones.  I’d say 12 and over minimum.  There are not just deaths of well loved characters.  Children will die.  Main characters will be tortured.  The film WILL be rated PG-13.

Perhaps the most striking decision was to include the mind-wiping of Hermione Granger’s muggle parents, who have remained anonymous and invisible (but for that tiny glimpse in Chamber at the book store).  Her sacrifice took place before the beginning of HALLOWS in JK Rowling’s novel.  Including it here is not only heart-breaking, but drives home the theme of ultimate sacrifice.

Among the much-speculated-what-if scenes: the burial of Dobby.  Harry digs the grave and Hermione cradles him in her arms.  There was a lot of concern that it would be cut, as many of his post-Chamber scenes were.

HALLOWS is one part road film and three parts war epic. 

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