Saturday, July 31, 2010


SANDY'S COMING! I have to admit a sort of guilt as I realize I have no photograph of Sandy to put up on my blog today. I'm sure I own one, and I'm almost certain I even have a shot of the two of us at Worcester College, Oxford, in caps and gowns. But it's buried away where it would take me a year to find. Sandy was my bestie in my college days in England. We got into a lot of scrapes, worked as card readers together for a bit, and left the Highland Festival one year in what, I am certain, was a narrow escape from a lifetime ban on visiting Scotland. There were scones, clotted cream, a massive amount of whiskey, and a guy named Roddie involved. Anything else is strictly eyes-only.

Those were the days. Really, they were. I loved school-- all of it-- but my time in England was almost singularly glorious. Only one very dark time marked it at all, and I suppose how infrequently I even remember that it took place there at all is a blessing. When I think of my time at Worcester, or in England, I just smile and feel an aching tug in my heart.

Sandy married an architect who works to preserve historical buildings. He's a hoot. We have kept in touch via the internet, but since my lungs don't allow me to travel long distances I don't SEE her. And frankly, emails don't hug.

I am resisting the urge to squeeze the crap out of my netbook right now.

So my bestie Sandy is coming to Boston this fall and I can't believe it. I get to hug her in person. I get to lavish the best of New England upon her. I get to have my old chum to myself, and bump shoulders as we ramble around Cambridge and Copley and... anywhere, as long as it's together.


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Darla M Sands said...

How wonderful! I'm sorry you aren't able to travel these days. That's something else for me to be grateful for! I want to know more about Roddie. ;) Thank you for sharing your joy.

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