Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's kind of an illness...

Ihave an illness. I don't deny it. I'm a handbag addict. And my latest crack? Makowsky's Nassau Tote in Shiitake.

This past year I have rejected everything but leather and made a serious commitment to buy and carry NOTHING but leather, good quality, heavy-duty bags. I have (as some may recall) a drop-dead gorgeous Michael Kors bag in black that has been my constant companion for about a year. I also own a really nice saddle brown bag made by Marc Jacobs. But I was in the market for something I could wear with navy, some of the more earthy colors, etc.

I got a cute Coach wrist clutch in hunter green from my SIL for Christmas. So I looked at Coach. I looked at Rampage and VanZeeland... but it was her husband who stole my heart.

Bruce Makowsky knows how to make a damned handbag. For serious. This thing is a piece of art. His leather is amazing. The hardware is amazing. The leopard print lining is amazing. The color-- which he calls "shiitake" officially-- is half way between burnt gold and putty.

Don't tell Michael. I still love him. He's just... not what I need right now. We'll always have Cambridge, Michael. Always!

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Gwen Hayes said...

love the hardware!

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