Friday, December 18, 2009

My Pipe Dream

No, it's not a dream about hitting somebody with a pipe, though I have had those. I sometimes hear of friends having a book signing or getting ready for their big launch and literally ache with wishing I could be there. I'd love to show up with a bag of bottled water, energy snacks, extra pens, and promotional swag. Wear a blue tooth headset and treat it like a red carpet event.

"Hey... back behind the security cord, pal! There are only three copies of BITE ME left, and we're running out of STUPID CUPIDs."

(Hand to headset.) "I have to call you back, Brad, I'm putting out fires. No... no, Spielberg is going to have to talk to Gwen's agent. NO. I'll have to call you back, k?"

Anyway, that's my dream for 2010. I'm going on a few experimental treatments in the coming year and we'll see. I'm also on the transplant list, but we really hope that won't be happening. Right now getting on a plane is a risk, regardless of any precautions I might take. And travel by train and car is a risk, too, since it takes me away from my treatment team. But in 2010 I will be visiting a few places to see about changing things.

And if they fix me? BRACE YOURSELVES, DIVAS! You'll never be sure when I'll show up.

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Gwen Hayes said...

awesome. Can't wait to see you on my doorstep.

Nell Dixon said...

Fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Honey, I can't wait to be your support team one day! I'll have to borrow your headset though cuz I don't have one. That cool?
*smooches* and prayers that 2010 finds you healthy and on the circuit!

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