Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jesus Loves You, But Thinks You're An Idiot

This week the Taunton school department stepped in it. It was an error. It was a BIG error. And while the teacher, principal, and other officials involved may have intended to do the right thing, they really, REALLY did the wrong one. So it's time to stop making excuses and step up with an apology. Because picking on a special needs kid is sick. If another student did it they'd suspend him or her.

The child in question was asked to draw something depicting how he spent his Thanksgiving vacation. He did, having visited a local (and very popular) shrine that has lovely lights, stations of the Cross, etc. Rather than question this kid, the teacher wigged. Her reaction was bigotry at worst and an incredibly stupid over-reaction at worst. Really, I think the bigotry is going to be hard to dodge. A few simple questions would have solved this tiny puzzle. In stead the school freaked out and traumatized a special needs student.

Claiming the drawing being circulated (seen here) is "not the original" falls a bit flat when questions as to how they differ get a refusal to respond... and the alleged original seems to have vanished. Psych evaluation of the child reveals he's fine. It is painfully obvious at this point that a huge mistake was made.

There is only one appropriate response. Suck it up and apologize. You blew it. Every new news conference makes Taunton school officials involved look more petty, more bigoted, more stubborn, and less qualified to teach anybody anything.

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