Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hawt GOP Chicks

You know, I don't really have a problem with differences of opinion. I like differences of opinion and deeply respect people who can disagree with civility. My closest friends fall into this category for that reason. I loved sitting around last night at the beach with good, close, old friends who will have a debate with me.

But lately it seems like not only are people having a blast tearing apart Palin and Bush... they seem to be completely ignoring the feelings of their friends. I know it's getting to me. I'm actually completely fine with Democrats being in power. I'd rather my candidate won, but he didn't. But recently I have noticed a real one-way street on the jokes, snide remarks, and mean spiritedness.

Just remember that's me: the person who mailed you a check when you were crying about being broke; the person who gave you a gift when you said you couldn't make it without _fill in the blank_; the person who donated to whatever thing seemed important to you; the person who offered prayers; the person who supported you without asking how you voted or what you thought about my pet issues.

By the way... many, many studies have been done with regard to sex and politics. I think they keep re-doing them because every one has shown that republicans have better sex, and have it more often. And one of the reasons I am so fond of my progressive republican ideals is the flexibility they give me. I'm pro gay-marriage. I'm for civil liberties. I'm a human being, not a stereotype.

You know, when the Red Sox blow a game I can respond with "way to go, Seattle." I can cheer Derek Lowe at Fenway when his team is in town. Hey, he was family. Divorced or not, he got us to some big moments.

I sat with some old and dear friends last night and discussed the economy without anyone saying a single hateful word. Some of us were conservative; some of us were liberal. Nobody resonded with hostility. I think the reason for this is genuine intelligence and critical thinking ability.

But I must say... it made me re-think a few casual friendships. I think if people who have been eager and willing to run to me for help, handouts, and other boons are also willing to be crass, mean, and cheap when it comes to handing out generalized comments about conservatives... well, that was my error. Not theirs. Their character was there for me to see.

Missed a spot. But that's what cleaning products are for.

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Nonny said...

I personally didn't like Palin at all and the thought of her as President scared the crap out of me. I'd go out on a limb and say a lot of people felt the same way as I did. I don't think that it was just Obama's charisma that won him the race, but McCain made an incredibly poor choice in running mate. A lot of the things that have been mocked about Palin are based on words she herself has said.

That said... I always hated how her family was dragged into things. I hated how personal people made it. Some of the things that were said about her or her daughter just chilled my blood. There's some things you don't say. I don't care about people pointing out the irony in her touting abstinence education when her daughter got knocked up underage; I seriously do care about the people that call the daughter a stupid slut because she didn't have an abortion. Hello, pro-choice is pro-choice. At least she's got a family that will care for the kid rather than kicking her and the baby out.

I don't like her a bit, but I don't think that she deserves the sheer amount of hatred and vitriol that's been directed at her.

I hate when people make generalized comments about Republicans and conservatives. I'm liberal, but I certainly do not agree with everything the Democratic party does; why the hell should the same be true of conservatives? Hell, I have a friend that identifies as conservative. On "issues", we agree on a good 75% and on all my "important" ones. The main thing is, we think things need to be changed, in a similar way, but we disagree about the direction that change needs to come. It's absolutely fascinating talking politics with him.

I'm sorry your "friends" are being d-bags, hon. *hugs*

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