Thursday, July 09, 2009

Arise, Sir Kool J

his week I have decided to crush on LL Kool J. Did you see him on The View this morning? If you don't find this guy smokin' hawt your meter's busted. For serious. He's got two kids heading for college and he can still bring the shit.

What I love most about Kool is the bad-boy who is a gentleman vibe. It's not often you see the real deal: a guy who nobody is going to mess with on the corner; but he also holds the door open for your granny at Walgreen's. I find that rare combination-- an alpha male who is also a bone-deep, moral man-- intoxicating to the point of absurdity. They make my knees go wonky and my heart race. These are the true cavaliers in the oldest, most glorious tradition of true manliness.

And it's smokin, smokin crazy assed smokin hawt.

And so, Sir Kool J, I dub the Lord of Ass Whuppin Sweet Tasty Awesome.

Arise and kick ass.

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Angeleque said...

I love LL Cool J.

Even bought the book he wrote (not the fitness one).

There's just so much to love about the man - sure he has a great body, is smokin' hot and has a great voice. But love that vibe he has - bad boy with the heart of gold. Plus he's a family man too (with the same woman since before he got famous - though he did put her through something before he settled down).

Katie Reus said...

I've been crushing on this man forevah! And you perfectly put into words why. A bad-boy who's a gentleman. Le sigh.

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