Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not Ed Hardys... Hard Chrissys

T his week I made a deal with my beloved tyrant. In order to encourage me to write more, he promised me a "spectacular prize" this weekend, upon returning form the freezing isle of Nova Scotia, if I went the rest of my days in exile without logging on to the internet. I was, this morning, given a one-time reprieve so that I could share my "bored as hell" project. You will all be pleased to know I also wrote 800 words.

Anyhooters... this is what happens to yours truly when she is bored and has access to sharpies, white sneakers, and not much else. Behold... inspired by Ed Hardy... Hard Chrissy Tattoo Kicks.

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Shari said...


Leigh Royals said...

You're gonna like start your own line, right? Those are stellar! And woo to the hoo on the 800 words!

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