Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free Wifi on the T

As if Boston weren't cool enough all on its own, the MBTA ("T") is now wifi ready. How freaking cool is THAT?

I will say that from day one, Boston and Cambridge have tried to be wired cities, making themselves user-friendly to both tourists and locals. And it's a pretty hooked up place. But allowing commuters to log on while riding the rails to and from the city... well that just kicks it.

Rail-riders can look for the WIFI logo on the side of any car, hop on, and look for the signal, and log on at no charge. For detailed instrucions, visit the MBTA's site.

Rock on and roll on, Bawstin!

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Chelsea James said...

*sighs* I love Boston.

I'd be in heaven if DC would do the same, but who am I kidding, our subway doesn't even run properly half the time.

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