Monday, January 12, 2009

NECRWA Conference

Are you going? All the cool people are. The New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America is having its conference in March. This year's theme is Let Your Imagination Take Flight. I'll be there with bells on.

I am not a huge RWA person. I was a member for a while and got nothing out of it. But I hear so many people praise their local chapters to the moon that I always wish RWA would let you join your local without belonging to the National group.

For me, this is close to home and pretty inexpensive for non-members (only 10 bucks more). Though Framingham seems an odd choice (home of... err... UMass Framingham and,... um... right next to Natick? err), the hotel is a nice one and pretty convenient to Boston. Although I can think of things more convenient to Boston. Like, umm... Boston.

Anyway, you should go if you write. The place will be crawling with Divas and cool people like me.



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