Friday, January 09, 2009

Mmmmm Salad

Everyone is being so diligent in their quest to be healthier in the new year. It made me feel guilty, so I'm having a small-- tiny, actualy-- salad today. I love salad.

Granted, it's not just any salad. I have a special salad I like to indulge in on days like today.

Maybe it's the tiny, leafy greens (mint). Maybe the beans added for protein (cocoa beans). Or the oils (cocoa butter and lecithin) that are so good for me. Or perhaps the herbs and other spices (vanilla, for example, also a bean).

But I really, really do love salad... don't you?

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Emily Ryan-Davis said...

Mmmm salad.

Aislinn Kerry said...


I almost got pizza for lunch, but instead I'm having a real-honest-to-god-salad. Though there's not a whole lot of lettuce going on in my salad. It's mostly mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, and edamame.

I'm realizing that I'm not a huge fan of lettuce. Maybe I'll have better luck eating salads more frequently if I leave the lettuce out, and stick with the veggies I do like. I seem to recall a yummy-looking recipe for edamame salad on Good Eats a while back...

gwen hayes said...

that is awfully small...if I were you I would have at least two salads...

Lia Morgan said...

I'll eat one of those salads every day.

No, seriously, I love salad. I am a salad snob. Iceberg lettuce with carrots, crutons, and ranch dressing is NOT a salad.

Salad is baby greens with herbs, toasted pecans, feta cheese, and a nice vinagrete. Toss in some chicken or steak, and you have yourself a meal. And red onion, must have red onion.

There is a spinach and strawberry salad that one of the restaurants here serves. But you can only get it during the spring when every thing is fresh. It is to die for good.

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