Saturday, August 16, 2008

When Obama Supporters Attack

All I wanted in the world today was to go to my beloved Starbucks to write. I never expected a dozen rabid Obama supporters to be gathered in my favorite corner. I'm cool with them getting together. I just can't believe how rude, loud, and clueless this group of people can be.

Loud? I have a head set on and they're drowing out Nickelback.

Obnoxious? I just heard myself identified as a hateful racist. Which is interesting. They didn't even say "hi" first, or apologize for knocking my stuff over.

Clueless? They seem to think they know the demographic of my town (which, judging by the loud introductions, is pretty much their town, too). They don't. I'm a 43 year townie.

Rude? They have done nothing but malign and make fun of the people they are meeting to discuss: undecided voters. Stupid people who can be tricked and manipulated according to their strategy... at least those I've been forced at mouth-point to overhear. I've maxed out the volume control on my ZUNE.

I can't wait to put up the McCain sign en route. And I'm pissed that Starbucks didn't ask them to quiet down and show a little respect for others.

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Pete R said...

I actually heard about that from Tracy W. Surprised she didn't spot you while she was there. She left and was shocked cuz she's a democrat.

I don't actually think we are that conservative we seem to vote pretty much same as the country.

Chrissy said...

Hey, thanks, Petie!!

I wish I had caught Trac' but I didn't even see her. Was kinda stuck in a corner with no escape.

I have spoken to a few local party bigs and they weren't pleased.

Pete Rush said...

I talked to some people at the VFW, Olie, and my dad is going to get the word out there.

Also your contact with the senior center is working becuz I heard from two seniors that they knew about the practices, etc

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