Friday, August 15, 2008

Meet Mo

If I ever doubted the soft-hearted nature of the men in my life, the never-ending parade of hardluck charity cases passing through our lives would provide plenty of evidence. This time it's an Appaloosa gelding named Mosaic Dreams... MO for short.

Mo was stuck in a nasty barn with a pony who had better luck finding a home. He was badly under-weight and had feet so overgrown and cracked it was thought he would never walk straight again, if he was lucky enough to survive. Now he's ours... and back to a nice weight, though I'd like to see some more muscle in his ankles. He still drags one foot and doesn't like his hooves messed with, but he's a real cupcake. With icing!

I've always loved Appies. He's going to be a real looker when we've had time to give him lots of grazing and TLC.

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