Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Everybody Loves SOMEBODY Sometime

Valentine's Day was never a dark, brooding, horrible thing for me. I really don't quite get the anti-VDay movement. Growing up my dad always brought home small heart shaped boxes of chocolates of silly stuffed-somethings to both myself and my brothers. He did so for his grandkids. So somebody was making me their Valentine whether Cupid had blessed me or not. I adopted very different Valentine's Day ethics and attitudes.

I buy something chocolatey for the kids, my friends, my parents, and save the special, sparkly stuff for Ahmed. But I refuse to believe that those mopey gloom and doomers out there can't find a single person in their lives to offer a smile, a red-wrapped bonbon, and a Heart Day greeting. Surely there's at least a sweet faced barista, a nice postal worker, a cutie at the toll booth out there in everyone's life. Surely we can all find somebody to celebrate with a small, chocolatey reward?

Don't be a hater. Spread a little yummy. Hug a person who made you smile recently. And then indulge for yourself.

As Dino once crooned, everybody loves somebody sometime. So maybe your "sometime" has not yet arrived. Put it out there in the universe. Maybe you need to take a leap of faith. You first!

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L.K. Campbell said...

I like Valentine's Day. I'm not an anti-Valentine person, but I must confess that I think advertisers are going overboard to suggest buying your sweetie a phone. Aren't flowers and candy enough?

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