Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Post Storm Catch-Up

I do love livng in New England but sometimes it's a pain in the ass. Case in point: this past weekend I lost access to my ATT wireless satellite internet and had to resurrect my cheapo free dial-up. I was out of the loop and cranky.

To make matters worse, I also found my tied-for-first-place addiction, Romance Divas' Forum down. There was a temporary Yahoo group that proved more aggravating than isolation and I am recovering nicely now that the geniuses (geni? genum?) at RD figured stuff out. It was a rough few days. I was main-lining Starbucks like a Crystal Meth Head hiding from a bounty hunter. Been like a ferret on speed for 4 days.

So I got bored and did some very cool, sexy tattoo headers for Websong. Check them out here if you are so inclined:

Tattoo Headers

Oh, yeah, and the first novel I ever wrote-- Echo's Daemon, has been lying in dust on floppy disks for over 10 years. First time I submitted it I got a single reply telling me it was "too dark" and "too complicated for younger readers." Now, everything I thought I knew about publishing indicated that slush piles were cleaned out pretty regularly, but somehow ED managed to survive one. An editor at a Very Important Place contacted me from the wayback machine and expressed interest. Go figger.

So to catch up:

I found the floppies, was relieved to find they were still working, and am reformatting. Max is eating spiders. Ahmed is keeping holiday secrets. The snow melted, froze, melted, and froze again. And my erotic paranormal dark humorous fantasy is out there waiting to become a best seller soon.

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