Thursday, October 04, 2007

Late Night ER Adventures

Max paid a recent visit to his groomers. He's got little ears and once in a while gets water in there after a bath. I use a product recommended by our vet and it goes away. It seems to be one girl in particular who can't aim the nozzle.

THIS TIME Max was still fussing at his ear a while afterward. A gentle cleaning and some mineral oil seemed to do the trick, but yesterday he was off his game a bit and seemed to be feeling out of sorts. Halfway through the Red Sox game (what a nice butt whuppin they gave those Angels!) he started fussing at his ear, rubbing, being a pest, and coming to me to press that side of his head into my hand.

Thank goodness for all night Vet clinics. A phone call and quick clothing change later, we were speeding off into the night to the ER. (If you've never been in this position may I recommend you look up all the 24-hour resources in your area before needing them?) Turns out his normal allergies kicked an irritated ear canal into high gear. There was a very tight bundled bunch of hair stuck in there, covered in wax, creating inflammation and pain. He had a whopper of an earache.

Ahmed made fun of me. The lady who took my call before we headed up sort of... took a somewhat condescending "deliver me from over-protective pet parents" attitude and kept asking me to relax even though I was quite calm. I was neither hysterical nor rude. She seemed to take the stance that all people calling that late must be somewhat neurotic about their animals.

But the nice, cute, brilliant vet who met us there was all about coolness. He validated the decision, saying poor Max would have gone into infection pretty quick if we hadn't gotten that nasty stuff out and he was in a good bit of unnecessary pain.

So the buzz words for today are: thankful, validated, relieved, and admiring.

Thankful he's ok. He's my baby, my partner, my best friend.
Validated that I was not over-reacting and made the right call. Nay-sayers can bite me.
Relieved for both the 24 hour clinic within driving distance and Pet Health Insurance, which will pay for most of it.
And lastly...
ADMIRING of the parents who do this with toddlers without blubbering, screaming, or hitting anyone in ERs around the country. You are heroes, one and all!

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